The “Premium” Advantage


  • We are a family owned and operated business with a vested interest in providing a ‘first class’ service.
  • Every landlord is assigned one dedicated Property Manager to look after their needs providing continuity and stability.
  • Our Property Managers communicate in person when issues arise.
  • All enquiries are handled promptly
  • Inspections are carried out meticulously upon entry, exit and quarterly routines.
  • Thorough screening of all prospective tenants through TICA and prior rental references
  • Online portal for landlords to monitor their property
  • Our staff will be at your service 7 days a week to ensure you are able to contact us in an emergency.



Selection of tenants will always be a priority of this agency. We have established contacts within the corporate sector with whom we liaise to source executive level tenants for our properties.

We also access our tenants through; and our own website ensuring your property reaches a broad spectrum of your target market.



The key to achieving maximum performance from your investment is to set rental rates that accurately reflect the marketplace, thereby not only attracting but securing stable, dependable tenancies.

Markets are assessed on a regular basis to ensure returns are maximised for our clients. All rents are reviewed at the end of each term and advice provided whether a revision is warranted.

For a full Landlord Information booklet please contact us at