Property Market Value Trends | Brisbane

Here’s what’s happening in the Brisbane property market according to Corelogic’s Decile report.

Brisbane Property MarketThe report provides a detailed analysis at different levels of Australia’s property market by dividing the market into ten equal groups (or deciles) based on tiers of property value.

By analysing changes in dwelling values across each decile, the report identifies which parts of the market are over or under performing relative to the headline trends, summarising property market conditions nationally and across each of the capital cities.

Over the three month to April 2018, dwelling values in Brisbane fell by -0.1% which also took values -0.1% lower than their peak.

Over the 12 months to April 2018, Brisbane dwelling values increased by 0.9%.

Although values are still rising, the 0.9% increase was the slowest annual increase for the city since March 2013.

The -0.1% fall in dwelling values over the quarter occurred due to falls across the 3rd, 9th and 10th deciles with the 10th decile incurring the largest decline, down 0.8%.



Across all other deciles, except the 4th, values rose over the three month period, with the 1st decile experiencing the greatest growth.

Over the past year values increased by 0.9%, with subtle gains recorded across every decile.

The greatest value rises were recorded across the 6th decile followed by the 7th.

The weakest growth over the year was recorded across the 10th decile, which was also the only market segment in which values increased by less the 0.5%. Based on the quarterly data, dwelling values in excess of $608,000 are seeing values decline while properties with a value lower than $303,000 are recording the strongest growth.

Over the year, the value band from $492,911 to $546,859 has recorded the strongest growth conditions, while properties with a value in excess of $831,375 has recorded the most moderate value increases.



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