It’s Spring! Should I Spring Clean?

Some do, some don’t, some will, some won’t. But, does it make a difference?

The answer is a short but sweet, Yes!  Pollen is at its highest levels early spring, the windows have been closed tight over winter, mud and grime from winter has left residue.  Spring is the best time for a deep clean, prepare your home for the coming summer so you can thoroughly enjoy it.


There is almost a release of tension and a free feeling when you are in a clean and fresh environment.  And although its as much healthy as it is less stressful there are plenty of other reasons you should spend time to “spring clean” at least once per year.  Most of us maintain a reasonably clean home but even the most particular among us have tasks at home that are neglected.  The spring cleaning effort is the perfect time to take care of these forgotten/avoided/unknown tasks.  Cleaning doesn’t have to be just cloth in hand.  Decluttering, pressure washing, grout and stone treatment, gardening, pool cleaning, pest treatment all have a place in a “spring clean”.  When was the last time you emptied out your linen cupboard, polished the silver, dusted the bookshelves, or even just ran clean through your dishwasher?


Dust Never Sleeps, or is that rust?  Well dust doesn’t really do anything once it lands. But, the dust does go everywhere,  even in an unused room or cupboard the dust will quickly form and add layer after layer.  This may not present an immediate problem however, dust like rust can ruin your things.

Fabrics, painted surfaces, appliances, wooden furniture, stonework, blinds, metals and pretty much everything can be harmed by excess dust deposits.   More importantly the health implications caused by dust and airborne particles are serious and often life threatening, maybe its more of a physical than an emotional relief with a clean home?


By just professionally cleaning your carpets once or twice a year , you will remove the tiny built-up shards of dirt buried deep at the base of your carpets.  This will ensure your carpets are presented better, feel better, hold less problematic dust, and extend the life of the carpet by almost half.


If you don’t have much time, get family members and friends to help you by allocating easy to complete tasks.  Think about getting some professional help (for your cleaning) – it won’t cost nearly as much as you think.  The professional modern cleaning company specialises in cleaning efficiently. They supply the products, mops, and tools and can even be brought in for the specific tasks you don’t want to do.


After all is said and done your home is probably the single most important investment you have.  You should allocate time each year to keep it in tip-top condition.




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