Choosing the right real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent

Real estate agents are an essential part of the buying process. Choosing an agent is the most difficult and daunting decision a home seller will have to make before listing. Why? Because the difference between a good agent and a bad agent can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here’s a simple guide to getting the right agent for the job.

10 Critical Points to Consider when choosing your property agent

    1. CHOOSE an agent with an evidence based history of success
    2. ASSESS the agents/salespersons level of skill and integrity – REMEMBER- this is your most valuable asset you are placing in their hands
    3. REQUEST details of legitimate testimonials
    4. CHECK prices quoted for services rendered; that there are no ‘add-on’ fees
    5. VERIFY the appraisal price quoted is founded on ‘proof of sales’ and EVIDENCE-BASED data in the past 6 – 12 months only!

BEWARE of agents who…
Overprice your property
Promise everything and deliver nothing
…SIMPLY to secure your listing!

A less than credible agent is determined to secure your business at any price. If the agent OVER-PRICES your property you will spend many months and in some cases ‘years’ on the market for sale; whilst the agent lowers your expectation from the figure they told you in the first place!

  1. ESTABLISH the chain of responsibility – who conducts the open homes/inspections and more importantly, who carries out the critical follow-up with potential purchases.
  2. What HOURS/DAYS do the agent/salesperson work – what is their commitment to you?
  3. Ensure you feel comfortable and can establish a rapport with your agent/salesperson. If you feel uncomfortable DO NOT employ that person. You need to develop a healthy working relationship with your representative.
  4. INTERVIEW more than one agent/salesperson, I suggest at least two or three – before you make your decision.
  5. Ask yourself in the final analysis – do I TRUST this person to honestly represent my best interests in a professional and ethical manner? Is this person known as a credible AGENT in your community?