10 of the best-ever luxe-for-less styling tips

Are you looking to luxe up your lounge, or give your entire home a stylish makeover? Either way, giving your home’s interior an upgrade doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

The good news is you’ll still be able to enjoy that avocado on toast while creating a swanky living space that looks ready to feature in a magazine spread.

So, how will you save the pennies while looking like you’ve spent the pounds?

Frank Arthur, co-founder of lifestyle website, Man of Many, shares with us his tips on how to create that perfect luxury look without breaking the bank.

1. Create opulence with luxe fabrics

“Luxe is about creating an aura of opulence,” Frank tells us.

“To do it right, it’s all about achieving a premium look and feel through style and substance.

“When going for a luxe look, there’s a fine line between tasteful and ostentatious, so tread carefully.”

Focus on stylish fabrics such as velvet and satin to create depth and glamour.

rich velvet cushions

Target’s 2018 range of cushions features opulent velvet fabric in deep-jewel tones. Picture: Target

2. Go for a regal colour scheme

When it comes to accent colours, dark forest-greens, deep-violets or pale salmon-pinks are all the rage at the moment, particularly seen in velvet. Keep these hues in mind when shopping for furniture.

A singular velvet accent chair in bold forest-green can quickly become the focal point of a room.

pink velvet sybilla sette

A stylish match: Pink-salmon velvet against dark forest-green. Picture: Incy Interiors

3. Use splashes of colour to make a statement

Your accent colour and fabric doesn’t have to be a big-ticket item such as a sofa, rug or chair.

Try adding a splash of these luxury tones with cushions and throws, or by painting a feature wall.

You can still make a style statement with these smaller items while updating your space without breaking the budget.

dulux autumn coffee

Adding a splash of colour by painting the wall is an inexpensive and non-committal way to incorporate trends. Picture: Dulux

4. Continue the look throughout the home

Be sure to use lavish touches throughout the home not just in the living spaces.

You could do this by adding a stainless steel splashback or some polished brass-knobs and handles on cabinetry to spruce up a kitchen.

“Beautifully crafted timbers and premium hardwood add to a room’s grandeur,” says Frank.

Award-winning architects and interior designers combine forces at this luxe urban home:

brass handles

With brass accents, there’s nothing drab about the grey walls at 307/18 Danks Street, Waterloo. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

5. Use different materials to accent dark tones

Accent darker velvet and wood in the living areas by decorating with a glass table lamp, crystal decanter or a marble-topped coffee or side table.

If these items are going to blow the budget, marble trays or boards can often add that splash of luxe and can be found in a range of prices.

Marble-look coffee tables or trays, which are more affordable, can also be a great option.

Elegance is attainable with smaller items; just don’t go overboard into clutter territory!

brass and velvet decor

Even the smallest touch of marble lifts a dark-toned setting. Picture: OZ Design Furniture

6. Distract with luxe accessories

You don’t need to spend the big bucks to generate a stylish high-end feel. Focus can be directed to stylish and vibrant items, Frank tells us.

“A nice vase and some striking coffee table books will visually detract from your budget coffee table.

“Good cushions and a premium throw can help mask the fact that your couch was found on the side of the road before a council clean-up.”

modern art couch

A premium throw is a small luxury that pays each time you curl up on your couch. Picture: Erinna Giblin

7. Don’t rush to the check-out

If you’re ready to take your luxury game to the next level, and really want to see that expensive designer couch in your living room, but simply can’t afford it at the moment, don’t stress.

Frank says: “Exercise patience and wait for sales, look for second-hand goods, scope out auctions and garage sales.”

grey couch

A quality couch is worth investing in, even if it takes time and patience. Picture: Pablo Veiga/Project 82

8. Use indoor palms to up the luxe ante

So what’s a budget-friendly hack that’s perfect to spruce up any room and make it feel sumptuous?

“I find that indoor palms make a great addition to a luxe room,” says Frank.

“There’s something quite grand about a lush palm tree and the addition of these can really help to bring a room to life.”

tropical indoor plants

Indoor palms such as the monstera bring a room to life. Picture: Ikea

9. Style plants to transform spaces

Sometimes palms aren’t meant to hide away in the corner.

Frank suggests placing two palms to frame a doorway in order to create a grand entrance.

“Palms on either side of a sofa transform your chair into a regal throne.”

andrew maloney home

When they’re this gorgeous, why not let your indoor plants take centre stage in your home decor? Picture: Erinna Giblin

10. Go for low-maintenance greens

If you don’t consider yourself a plant-whisperer, then don’t worry.

Sometimes just a few fronds in a stylish pot make a world of difference.

Alternatively, look for a low-maintenance but still regal-looking plant, such as a philodendron.

marble benchtop

If you’re worried about keeping a plant alive, consider cuttings that can live in water. Picture: Getty

Source: Realestate.com.au

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